The lake in Żółtańce

It covers an area of 103 hectares including water with about 56 hectares. The water tank is divided into two quarters. The smaller one - a fish pond, popular especially among anglers, covers an area of 9 hectares. Here you can catch: carps, crucian carps, roaches, tenches, tenches, pikes and perches.

A big curiosity living in the lake is the catfish.
In contrast, the larger one, with an area of 46.9 hectares,  has a beach for tourists, a playground, 3 bridges, grass pitches for football and beach volleyball, a barbecue and a fireplace, as well as benches with shelter – it’s the ideal place for the weekend. Around the village of Żółtańce the lake is the biggest tourist attraction. It is situated approx. 3 km away from Chełm.