The Battle of Depultycze – August 5, 1863

The January Uprising in Chelm district had a special dimension. In the following months several insurgents were entering to Chełm, and many Polish troops led by Władysław Rucki, Karol Krysiński, Kajetan Cieszkowski-Ćwiek and Walery Kozłowski fought on the area.

The most famous  battles of Chełm region took place in Depułtycze and Malinówka. The encounter in Depułtycze  occurred in mid 1863, when after breaking underground structures in the region at the beginning of the uprising, gradual restoration of the branches and development of military operations started. The Battle of Depułtycze lasted about six hours and was one of the few clashes in and around Chełm, which led the insurgents to success. Fallen insurgents were buried in small cemetery in Żołtańce. Some of them, died as a result of wounds probably rest in the cemetery in Chełm. In 2002 they exposured a monument dedicated to the memory of insurgents from Depułtycze.