Poleski horse-riding trail

The whole trail is 280 km long and it is the first horse trail in Lubelszczyzna region and one of the longest trails in Poland. It is a white square board marked out with an orange circle and it runs through Lublin and Volhyn region (12 communes of Chełm and Włodawa district). It is also suitable for cycling and hiking. The trail passes through varied terrain with many lakes, large forest areas, and it allows you to explore the most interesting corners of Polesie, Chełm and Sobibór National Parks,  Polesie Landscape Park and numerous nature reserves (Stawska Hill, Bagna Serebryskie).

In the region of Chełm you can attend horse riding lessons, short rides and horse rallies. A particular advantage of tours in Polesie is the possibility of exploring the National Park on a horse. The horse trails are planned so that each rider, the more and the less advanced one, found something for everyone: from a few hours to several days, 300-kilometer survival rides.