The church of Christ Lord the Savior

The property is currently functioning as Roman Catholic parish church of Christ Lord the Savior. It was founded as Orthodox Church, mentioned in historical sources with the Orthodox monastery from 1440. It probably served as  male Orthodox monastery, which was built before 1440.
A very interesting issue is the original name of the village Podgórze, which functioned under the name of Spas until the twentieth century. Since its inception, the village was associated with lying nearby village of Stołpie and treated as its hamlet. The name derives from the Russian determination of Christ the Saviour (Spas).
According to legend saved by Jakub Susza - the Uniate bishop of Chełm, the church was a rebuilt pagan temple or defense tower. The commonly used name of the surrounding hills and woods, sounding Szczekot or Szczekawica was the confirmation of this legend. The construction of this temple can be considered as partially probable version - the nave of the temple is built of stone, and its dimensions remind defence tower in Bieławin.
The church is one-nave, a wooden altar in Rococo style from the end of the eighteenth century, with the paiting of Ascension. In the side altars there are paintings of St. John the Baptist and the Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The 6-voice organ from 1958 was placed on the choir. Beside the temple there is a brick parsonage from 1916 and a brick bell tower built in the years 1909 – 1913, in the Byzantine and Russian style by architect Alexander Puring.