The palace in Srebrzyszcze

The palace in Srebrzyszcze is a baroque building dating from the seventeenth century, founded by Józef Łopuski, a sword-bearer from Chełm. The palace is surrounded by a garden in Italian style. Five pieces of eighteenth-century late baroque fireplaces, including one decorated in Egyptian style drew the greatest attention. There were also interesting nineteenth-century stoves, one of which crowned with a thumbnail of the monument of King John III Sobieski from Warsaw Baths. Currently  the surface of the park occupies 5.2 hectares with nearly 500 old trees and a mulberry alley, situated on the axis of the palace. This alley was founded in 1938. In the southern side of the palace there is a pond with an island. A gate in front of which there is a grassy lawn leads to the main part of the property. Some semicircular rows of maples and hornbeams preserved in the southern part of the park and a row of willows in the western one. Three avenues of limes (350 meters long) and a dry water channel, running along the western avenue define the boundaries of the park now. A row of maples delimits its interior.