The mill and manorial buildings in Uher

The mill in Uher is an architecturally interesting building. It is the remnant of the palace and park. First information about the court in Uher come from the mid-seventeenth century. Originally it was a wooden defence building. In the eighteenth century Michał Olędzki founded a brick mansion which was rebuilt as a luxurious residence by Fudakowscy in the late nineteenth century. The building was destroyed in 1914 (and finally demolished in 1934.). The whole complex was surrounded by a huge park reaching its origins in the seventeenth century. In the interwar period, most goods were parceled out - only a minority remained on the area of 45 hectares, which was purchased by the Council of Chełm from Zofia Siemieńska, in 1928. After parceling, the manor park was liquidated (trees have been cut). Remains of the manor buildings are now in private hands. One of the few surviving buildings of the manor and park in Uher is a historic mill built in a former distillery. Currently there is an art gallery here. The owners are known artists - Teresa Chomik-Kazarian and Oganes Kazarian. The facility was probably built in the eighteenth century as a warehouse brewery court. After the destruction in 1915, it was converted into a mill, open until 1950. In 1996-1998  it was completely rebuilt.