The Church of All Saints in Stare Depułtycze

The wooden building was created between 1770 and 1790. It originally functioned as Greek Catholic church of the Holy Cross, founded by Francis Olędzki – the suffragan of Kiev, the owner of nearby Uher (on place of the Orthodox Church mentioned since 1508). Since 1875 the church was claimed by Orthodox who founded a new brick church (near the old one) in 1905, which was demolished in 1938 by Polish authorities. It has functioned as the Catholic church since 1916. The equipment consists of eighteenth-century late Baroque high altar, moved from the church in Trzeszczany (Hrubieszów District) and two side altars from the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. In the altars there are valuable paintings from the eighteenth and nineteenth century. ("All Saints", "Black Madonna", "Baptism of Christ in the Jordan" and "Crucifixion"). Next to the church there is a wooden bell tower of the pillar structure from the late eighteenth century. The property has 2 bells - the gift of the Archbishop of Lublin Boleslaw Pylak (now senior), who served in parish with the ministry during the study.