The former inn in Nowosiółki

The inn dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The facility was built on place of the old wooden pub between 1832 and 1845.
Initially, it was owned by Niemirowscy. After 1870, Józef Bocheński bought the inn. The next owner was his son, Józef Antoni Bocheński (since 1912), who sold the ruined building to Franciszek Schodziński in 1926. Until 1939, a dairy worked in three rooms. After World War II the building was devastated, then abandoned and it has remained in permanent ruin. It has two floors - the ground floor and a partial basement. The property has been listed as a monument in 1971.
From 1939, next to the inn, there is a  brick mill, and from 1946 - a stone chapel with the statue of Virgin Mary. A source with the source niche, with an area of 4 acres, was taken under protection as a natural monument.