The natural reserve „Bagno Serebryskie”

The nature reserve "Bagno Serebryskie" is a peatbog with an area of 376.62 hectares. It is characterized by an abundance of flora and fauna. The dominant plant (approx. 60% of the area) is the saw-sedge forming dense tracts. It’s got fief fouling structure unique in the country, as in other parts of Poland it occurs almost exclusively as lake rushes. More than 500 species of vascular plants (including 43 protected ones) were found in the reserve.

"Bagno Serebryskie" is an important habitat for approximately 300 rare species of butterflies in Poland, as well as for birds (approx. 150 species), including endangered species in the world as the aquatic warbler and the corncrake.
An educational trail situated in the north-western part of the reserve allows you to understand its values. The starting point of the path is in the north-western part of the reserve in the village of Nowiny (next to Social Assistance Home). It runs to a vantage tower and then across the meadows towards the southern border of the reserve. In a few places there are stopovers marked with limestone rocks from which it is possible to observe plant species and complexes as well as birds characteristics of peat-bogs. At the starting and finishing points of the path there are information boards about the natural assets of the reserve and the ways of its protection.