The natural reserve „Torfowisko Sobowice”

The nature reserve "Torfowisko Sobowice" covers an area of 95.46 hectares. This is one of the most interesting places in Lublin region. It clearly differs floristically from the bogs Roskosz, Brzeźno or Bagno Serebryskie. Large tracts of plants called the Davall Sedge and the Rusty Bog Rush provide  great surface in other carbonate bogs.
In other reserves, unparalleled thicket of the peatbog birch and the creeping willow also attract your attention. There are other plants growing here like the steppe cherry, the erect clematis, the aconite and the European Cimicifuga. Among these plants the clematis simple, the nested gladiolus and the widely occurring aconite are protected species. Wet meadows within the reserve in Lublin region have the highest population of the plant called the European globeflower.
Two plants require special comment. First of these is the ligularia sibirica - previously unknown in the area of Lublin region, occuring only in Kielce region. In Poland it is considered to be endangered species.
The second plant is the orchid Hammarbya, known only in one place so far.
There are butterflies here known only of a few areas or not previously met on Polish territory, as well as rare species in Europe. Among birds nesting in the reserve, the great snipe or the Montagu’s harrier should be mentionned first of all.