Stawska Hill

The floristic - steppe reserve "Stawska Hill" is situated near the village of Staw. It covers an  area of 4 hectares. It was created in 1956. The reserve covers the top part of Czubatka hill, one of the hills forming Chełm Hills.

In the reserve, 216 species of vascular plants are confirmed. Thirty of  them are rare species, including 6 plants being under strict protection. These are the carline thistle,  spring pheasant’s eye, wood anemone, common columbine, dwarf cherry. Dwarf cherry, carline thistle and groundsel belong to endangered species and are listed in the "Polish Red Book of Plants".
Invertebrate animals living in the reserve are represented by many species of rare, known in Poland of the very few positions, or even not listed anywhere yet. This concerns especially butterflies, which were found in the reserve, including 331 species. Among all insect species living in the reserve, 5 ones are protected species, and 27 species of rare, inscribed on the "Red List of threatened animals in Poland".